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Animal Massage

Massage can be used to relieve many things,

  • Pain
  • Stress & Tension
  • An Aid to Recovery (mental & physical)
  • Purely for Relaxation

Most of us would welcome a massage from a loved one – so would your pet!

Are you surprised by this statement?

Most people are, Pet Massage – a new concept? – No, it is becoming more popular as people are looking for natural & holistic therapies & treatments for their animals.

Would an animal enjoy being massaged?

Yes, think how much they enjoy a scratch behind the ears, under the chin, along their backs & even a tummy scratch. Not such a surprising idea, when you consider all of these facts. Massaging your animals, large or small can relieve the same symptoms as in humans.

To perform massage on animals, you will require patience & understanding. Also to be able to notice & interpret signals from your animal.

Remember your animal cannot say ‘ouch, that hurts‘ they may tell you with a ‘nip or bite‘. It is their way of communicating that you have hit a sore spot, so take note & be careful.

Your animal needs to be comfortable & learn to relax to enjoy the massage as much as you need to learn the massage techniques.

Stuart J Farnell LMT (Liscensed Massage Therapist) has written two books ‘Pet Massage‘ & ‘Equine Massage. Both books are written in easy to understand language, complete with diagrams & case studies. These books explain the basics of massaging your animals & what this can achieve. He also explains the ‘do’s & dont’s’ & ‘when to & when not’ to perform animal massage.

You can find these books & DVDs on our website on the following link


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Aromatherapy for Alzheimers and Dementia

Aromatherapy has its serious side as well as being a fabulous way to pamper yourself. I have visited & spoken at many Alzheimer’s Cafe’s & support groups & always had a wonderful time, meeting people who are living with this disease daily. They are always happy & welcoming & determined to enjoy life.

Alzheimer’s is one of those diseases that we all hope will avoid affecting us, unfortunately it is a disease that can be devastating for friends and relatives of those affected. The lack of government funding for drugs which can help to stave off the some of the symptoms to those in the early stages is a very emotional topic for all those connected with anyone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

My stepmom Jackie, a certified Aromatherapist inAiken,South Carolinawas asked to create an Aromatherapy programme to tackle certain problems associated with the disease for a local nursing home. She has created 5 blends of pure essential oils to tackle:-

Appetite (Wake Me Up & Feed Me) – no, do not get excited this is to stimulate the appetite, not to suppress it!! Do you really think I’d be a member of the Tuesday Weigh in group if it suppressed???

Memory (Promote Alertness) – now this is a popular one. It helps concentration, also extremely useful for students who are revising or sitting exams.

Calming (Restore Peace) – a heavenly aroma of grapefruit & frankincense, to calm episodes of crying, shouting, aggression, agitation & sun-downing (a term used for when people become upset, usually at sunset). A wonderfully gentle blend to calm & soothe overly active children when you need them to quieten down – no it won’t zonk them out or turn them into little angels but can relax gently.

Pain & Insomnia (Relaxed & Dreamy) When pain medication doesn’t quite take the edge off pain & a little something extra is needed to become comfortable or to relax the body & mind to aid restful sleep. This blend has been so affective in helping restful sleep that some nursing homes have reported an 80% decrease in daytime falls from residents, sleeping soundly can make you steadier on your feet.

For all the Carer’s (Care Giver Relief) – A blend of 4 essential oils, Orange to energise, Cinnamon focus the mind, caring for others no matter how much you care or love the person/people you are looking after, can be a draining experience, physically & mentally. A positive attitude can make any task, pleasant or otherwise easier to tackle. Lemon to offer a measure of protection from airborne viruses & Ylang Ylang (now this one always gets a reaction) used to relax, not stupify, but it always gets an oooohhhh!!!! when I explain that Ylang Ylang is well known for its aphrodisiac properties, bet that little bit of info has raised some interest!! Calm down there is not enough in the blend to have this reaction, now I usually get ‘oh, that’s a shame!’ or ‘that’s a let down’ all good natured comments & always raises a smile or two.

It was the potential of this aromatherapy programme which got me hooked onto learning more & to helping Jackie on our side of the ‘pond’. Due to Jackie being asked to create something to help those affected by Alzheimer’s I began a whole new career & to those who instigated this I will always be truly grateful. I have a wonderful career, one which I truly love, live & breathe, it has changed the way I see medication (I still believe in conventional medication & still pop a headache pill or two, when needed -we should have room in our lives for both conventional & natural remedies – each has its own time & place – its for you to know when this is). My family & I have never been so healthy, even a common cold daren’t stay around more than a day or 2 at the most it’s zapped with a combination of essential oils.

The programme is very successful in theUSA& is welcomed by carers in theUK, obviously the healthcare system in each country is different & therefore the residents of theUSAare more willing to try & be receptive to alternative options to expensive medications. I do not lose hope that more people in theUKwill benefit from these soft & gentle blends.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting the carers & those with Alzheimer’s as they are warm, welcoming & ready to enjoy a light hearted discussion, believe it or not, I do ask for audience participation, its not just me talking, I do let them get more than 1 word in.

I have learnt the art of public speaking, (my husband never doubted me!! can’t think why?). I remember my first presentation, I was shaking like a leaf & didn’t think I’d done too badly & everyone said how much they enjoyed it. I returned home to tell Russell how it had gone & said ‘You know I can cope with talking for a living.’ to which he replied ‘You don’t say, I never doubted it for a minute, you should earn us a fortune then!!’. Charming, no fortune, yet but I do enjoy it.

Aromatherapy can be fun when used in soaps, bath fizzes, foam bath, etc but I never forget the serious side, the side that can alleviate pain, relieve itching & in the words of Pat Bishop RN at the first nursing home in Aiken, South Carolina, ‘Aromatherapy has helped my residents regain quality of life.

These blends & others can be found at

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Welcome 2011

It’s hard to believe the last update on the blog was June 2010 when I introduced a good friend & Artist Jude to you all. The 2nd half of 2010 has flown by. The Hammond family went on an extended (3 week) holiday to the USA in August, we flew into Washington DC – where a thunderstorm & bouncing rain greeted us – not the start I had envisaged.

The following day dawned, dryish, brightish & hot hot hot – oh yes, this is the weather I was looking for – almost! We took the Metro into the city of Washington DC & visited the Air & Space museum – part of the fantastic Smithsonian complex – its huge! Then after wandering around the air conditioned building we braved the walk to the Whitehouse – unfortunately we picked a day The President was not in residence, so no offers of a cup of tea were offered – next time Mr Obama?

DC is a beautiful city & hot – so good to feel the sun on your skin. The Whitehouse, is not as big as we had imagined it to be, mind you a duster & vacuum cleaner in hand & it would seem HUGE. It is unbelievable that you can actually walk up to the building & touch it – how cool is that? There are plenty of visible security men around with terrifyingly big weapons in hand – no pun intended. I didn’t think we would even get into the grounds never mind walk almost completely around this beautiful building – the outside that is.

We then strolled away from this iconic building, to the Washington Memorial & from there the mesmorising view of the Jefferson Memorial, which I am told the waters in front appear in the Planet of the Apes film.

We drove by Arlington National Cemetery, where more than 240.00 service personnel & dependants are buried, the endless rows of white crosses, really does make you reflect up on how many lives have been lost in conflicts around the world. Next was the Pentagon – quite a drab building as you drive by but nonetheless another iconic building we have now seen.

We left DC & headed south, driving through Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, seeing lots of beautiful countryside & eventually into South Carolina – at last we had arrived only to be met as we crossed the State line by the darkest most powerful thunderstorm we had ever witnessed, not the weather I had planned, ordered & had confirmed to me that we would enjoy!!!!

Talk about little & large – he obviously didn’t want to leave his toy at home!

After 3 fantastic weeks, we headed home, landing at Heathrow to be met by our wonderful British weather, grey, dull, overcast, cold – a good 30 degrees cooler than the USA but we were almost home. The following few months were extremely hectic but thoroughly enjoyable.

Tweaks to the website – a new look is emerging, some product labels are being re-designed & some new products have emerged, Massage Candles, Cocoa Butter Bath Melts, Soy wax melts – it’s been so busy there wasn’t even time to photograph them, they were made, packed & shipped. A few more products are emerging – those are still in a file marked ‘Top Secret’ – well it pays to add a touch of mystery & wonder doesn’t it?

Christmas has been a lovely break, to wind down, spend time with family & catch up on some things on the ‘to do’ list which grows ever longer. It’s now a couple of days until we return to normality & works begins again at Scents-ible HQ.

Wishing you all good health & many happy times in 2011. I hope you make many wonderful memories – remember they are ‘The Treasures of the Mind’

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