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My Birthday Present

Okay, so my birthday isn’t for another couple of months but I have learnt that if  I like something & don’t spring into action, you know, credit card action, then by the time the occasion occurs, the ‘thing’ I wanted to buy is no longer there.

Hubby is always asking- ha ha, yeah right! What I want for birthday/Christmas, well that’s twice a year at least. Although in fairness, he has excelled himself this year, with a little help from my tippety tappity fingers on the keyboard & the little piece of plastic that we share.

My Valentine’s blog featured a gorgeous necklace amongst all the other wonderful pieces, well that necklace is now mine!

I know this is about my birthday but thought Hubby should be praised 😉 anyway onto the main subject. I have been following a website & blog for a little while now & have been ooohhing & ahhhing over their products & trying to decide what hubby can treat me to next. Then a few weeks ago a newsletter landed in my inbox with new products & offers, well how is a girl to refuse the offer of a hand crafted handbag?? Well you just cannot pass up the offer can you, well I didn’t. It took me a while to decide on the design & colour & it arrived at the beginning of the week., to say I am thrilled is an understatement.

It is made from silk, hand crafted by a husband & wife team in a remote village in Thailand. The website is & the customer service is excellent, so friendly, professional & gorgeous products too. It took a week to arrive, all the way from Thailand!!! Royal Mail take note, it takes you that long to deliver in the UK at times.

The bag is so light, you hardly know you have it on your shoulder, okay I haven’t yet filled it with the usual house brick but it is so light & soft & the quality is fantastic. Here is the inside, well yes, I know you can distinguish the outside from the inside but once my fingers start tapping away, there is no stopping them.

Not only that it came in a gift box

You know when photographs just don’t do justice to something, well mine just don’t convey the quality of the silk, the craftmanship that has been used to produce this bag. It would not be out of place on the shelves of shops such as Harrods & other highly priced  B&M shops. Was it expensive? No the prices are unbelievable for the quality & delivery from across the globe too.

Please do visit their website & not only browse their beautiful items but read about who they are & what they are doing & why. You will not be disappointed with any purchase you make from these lovely people & you can be sure they will look after you & your purchase has been hand made with love for you.

Well off to pack up my birthday present back into its box until my birthday – it may get a test drive before though 😉



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Art by Jude

If you are looking for an original piece of art work or even looking for an artist to bring to life your very own ‘art vision’ please take a few moments to browse the wonderful work by a talented & dear friend of mine – Jude. Jude’s art work can be viewed online at

I met Jude about 2 years ago online when I decided to take the plunge & join a few social networking sites to gain knowledge & contacts for my business. We met on a fabulously friendly & informative site called Webmums. At that time Jude was running an online cosmetics business & we collaborated on a range of health & beauty products. This venture helped to seal a wonderful friendship which still continues although Jude has now left the cosmetic business as she has re-discovered her love of art & her artistic talent flourishes.

Jude & her family re-located to the countryside & her surroundings are certainly one of her biggest inspirations. Jude decided to enrol onto a course run by a local college to learn the techniques of oil painting & from this decision a whole new world has opened up before her, one she never imagined would. The course helped to re-ignite her passion for art, aided by the encouraging comments & sales of  her first dabbles in the world of oil painting.

To say that Jude was ‘bowled over’ by the continuous praise & encouragement from many online & personal friends & family is no exaggeration & was in what can only be described as ‘a state of shock’ (she was the only one that was) when she was first asked if she would sell one of her new creations. She was truly overwhelmed & still is when a piece sells & an even greater surprise came (only to Jude again) when she was commissioned to create a piece. She still cannot come to terms with calling herself an artist but that is what she is & I am proud to call ‘Jude the artist’ my friend & this is why I want to share her artwork with you all.

Red Sunset

Purple Sunrise

Serenely Blue

I See You

A few examples of the wonderful artistic talent of Jude.  Pop along to to view more fabulous pieces which are for sale, pieces she has sold & to read her blog .

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