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Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper essential oil is commonly used in massage oils to relieve muscular & joint aches & pains.

The Black Pepper is native to South West India but is grown & cultivated in many tropical countries. China, India, Indonesia & Malaysia all grow & harvest Black Pepper . The oil is extracted by steam distillation from the dried & crushed peppercorns & the oil has a warm & spicy aroma.

When using this essential oil is needs to be added to a carrier oil or lotion before applying to the skin to soothe arthritic aches, tired & weary limbs & overworked muscles & joints. It is also thought that Black Pepper aids the dispersal of bruising.

Caution must be used when adding Black Pepper to any skin preparations as prolonged use may stimulate the kidneys & possible cause skin sensitivities to occur.

Add a few drops to a vaporiser or oil burner to add warmth when suffering from colds & chills. Use as part of a massage blend, to stimulate the appetite, soothe limbs, muscles & joint & to overcome bowel issues. by promoting better digestion.

All photographs were taken at Kew Gardens


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