Grapefruit MSDS

  1. Identification:

Supplier – Scents-ible Solutions

CAS number: 8016 – 20 – 4.

EINECS CAS number: 90045-43-5

EEC Number: 289-904-6

  1. Composition:

Main components: Limonene, ß-pinene.

Additives (e.g. carriers, preservatives, antioxidants): Nil.

  1. Potential Health Hazards:

Inhalation: None identified.

Skin: Concentrated liquid and vapours irritating to skin by prolonged exposure.

Eyes: Irritating to eyes with possible damage.

Ingestion: Harmful if swallowed.

  1. First aid:

Inhalation: If discomfort is felt, remove person to a well ventilated area with plenty of fresh


Skin: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash affected area with plenty of soap and water.

Eyes: Flush immediately with plenty of cool water for 10 to 20 minutes. Seek medical advice

from a Medical Doctor.

Ingestion: Seek immediate medical care.

  1. In case of fire:

Extinguishing Media: Foam, Carbon dioxide.

Do not use: Water.

Special precautions: Wear breathing apparatus as toxic vapours may be released during fire.

  1. Spill and Leak Procedure:

Individual precautions: Eliminate sources of ignition. Keep area well ventilated and isolate

the spill.

Environmental protection: Prevent the liquid from entering the drains and sewers.

Cleaning methods: Soak up the spill using inert absorbents. For large spills use pumps.


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